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šŸ’¤ Sleeping Emoji

Emoji meaning

    Whether you are feeling sleep yourself, or you see something so boring you feel like it could put you to sleep, the Zzzs emoji has always been a popular choice. Represented either as a series of 3 letter Zā€™s usually in a large-to-small pattern, or as a sleeping smiley face with Zā€™s floating up above its head, the Zzzs emoji is a very common part of modern messaging.

    While sleepiness and boredom are the most common uses for the Zzzs emoticon, people will also use to indicate something that is confusing them, relaxing, calming, bedtime, naptime, or more.

    Depending on the version, you may see the Zzzs emoji also referred to as the Zzz Face emoji, Sleepy Face emoji, Sleepy Time emoji, Naptime emoji, and others depending on the platform or app. Often, the Zzzs emoji will be offered in multiple designs and formats, including giving the different Zā€™s different colors, laying out the letters in distinct patterns, and including other figures like an animal underneath as opposed to a smiley face.

Also called:

  • Zzz
  • Sleep(ing) Emoji
  • Bored / Not interested Emoji

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  • Apple
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  • Google Noto Color Emoji
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  • Samsung
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  • Microsoft
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