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Convert your text to old-school & retro-looking text art—a fun and artsy way of sharing text with your audience.


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Transforming text into art through ASCII

An ASCII Text Art Generator turns regular text into "art" using different combinations of ASCII characters (letters, numbers, and symbols). ASCII art originated from the ASCII character set, which has been popular since the early days of the internet due to its simplicity and accessibility. Besides, it is a fun way to make your message stand out.Just input your text, and this tool converts it into a visual representation using ASCII characters. There are various text art styles to choose from.Bold, cursive, or fancy font generators primarily focus on modifying the appearance of individual letters. In contrast, a text art generator goes beyond that, enabling the creation of complete visual compositions using ASCII characters.

Text art is useful in many situations ...


Infuse messages and chats with personality using ASCII art, conveying emotions and adding a playful touch to conversations for a memorable and enjoyable communication experience.

Social media

Engage and impress on social media with eye-catching text art in captions, comments, and posts, standing out from the crowd and sparking meaningful interactions.

Digital art

Text art fuels creativity in digital art and design, enabling artists to craft captivating compositions and logos with a unique aesthetic.

Web pages

Create a retro and unique look using one of the text art fonts. It could give your website and brand a playful touch - if your brand allows it. Stand out!


Base your logo on one of the artsy fonts to create a brand that resonates with a certain audience (25+ yrs) that engaged with the early internet days.


Do you want to make a point? Use text art to deliver a message while drawing attention to your presentation in a fun way.