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Free Grammar Checker

Quickly spot the mistakes in your text and correct them for free with the AI grammar checker.

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Check, correct & ace grammar with AI.

Grammar and spelling are the most difficult in speaking and writing a language - Even for natives. It takes time to learn it, but also to check it. We wanted to change that. And this is why we built this free AI grammar & spelling checker. We want everyone to create error-free text that can be shared anywhere online quickly.

The concept is simple: paste or write your text, click 'Check', and AI works magic. Learn and correct your mistakes, or copy the improved version - it's up to you.

We check your text for all grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors that need to be improved. Make your text look solid and professional, and grammar and spelling won't be an issue anymore.

Note: this page was checked by our tool. 👀

Ace grammar & spelling for...

Content creation

Grammar and spelling mistakes in content can result in viewers skipping your content, profile, and future posts. It is part of engaging and converting your audience.

Professional/business writing

Nothing is more unprofessional than simple grammar and spelling errors. Make sure you don’t miss one because it can be an expensive mistake.

Academic writing

In education, it is crucial not to make spelling and grammar mistakes. It can downgrade the grades of your hard work.


AI has disrupted the editing and proofreading field. You can now edit or proofread within minutes using AI—no additional effort required.

Social media posts

People who see posts on social media with spelling or grammar mistakes are less likely to engage or gain authority with your content.

Assistant for non-native speakers

As a non-native speaker, it can be very difficult to ace grammar. Luckily, we have technologies like AI to assist everyone in creating content without mistakes.

How to use this AI grammar checker

Paste or write the text

In this step, you should paste your text or write the text you want to check the grammar of. You can break it up into smaller bits if you have large pieces of text.

Rephrase or copy your result

Your text will be auto-corrected. However, if you want, you can rephrase your results to fit your needs better. When you are ready, copy your grammar-checked result.

Use our translator

The AI translator tool might come in handy if you are not a native speaker and you don't know the right words or if you want to use the text in another language.


  • What is the AI Grammar Checker?

    An AI Grammar Checker is a tool powered by large language models that scan your text for grammatical errors, typos, and stylistic issues, offering corrections to improve your writing.
  • Can the AI Grammar Checker check spelling errors as well?

    Yes, most AI Grammar Checkers, including those based on GPT technology, can spot and correct spelling errors in addition to checking grammar and style. These tools are designed to be comprehensive, helping you polish your text by catching a wide range of mistakes.
  • What types of grammar errors can the AI Grammar Checker detect?

    It's worth noting that while these tools are powerful, they're not infallible. It's always a good idea to double-check and consider the suggestions rather than accepting them blindly.

    1. Types of grammar errors detected by this AI Grammar Checker:
    2. Subject-Verb Agreement: Ensuring the subject and verb in a sentence agree in number (singular or plural).
    3. Tense Inconsistencies: Identifying shifts in tense that can confuse the reader.
    4. Sentence Fragments: Catching incomplete sentences that lack either a subject or a verb.
    5. Run-on Sentences: Spotting sentences that need to be broken up for better clarity.
    6. Improper Punctuation: Correcting misplaced commas, semicolons, and other punctuation marks.
    7. Pronoun Errors: Such as incorrect antecedent reference or pronoun-antecedent disagreement.
    8. Misplaced Modifiers: Identifying words or phrases that are not clearly or logically related to the word they modify.
    9. Spelling Errors: Although not strictly a "grammar" issue, spelling is often checked as well.
    10. Redundancy and Wordiness: Offering suggestions to make sentences more concise.
    11. Style and Tone: Some advanced checkers can even give recommendations for improving the overall style and tone of the writing, though this isn't "grammar" in a strict sense.
  • Can the AI Grammar Checker handle different languages?

    While a grammar checker powered by AI is most accurate in English, you can try different languages for spelling and grammar checking. Otherwise, you can use the translation tool to translate your checked results .
  • Is it completely free?

    Yes, like all of our AI writing tools, this grammar checker is also free of use. You can check your text nearly unlimited.