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πŸ‘€ Eyes Emoji

Emoji meaning

    While the Eyes emoji was an early addition to the official emoji library, the Eyes emoji has become even more popular as social media users have found a variety of creative ways to include it in posts and messages.

    Often characterized by a pair eyes with raised eyebrows, or as googly eyes that recall a kid’s toy, people usually use the Eyes emoji to indicate a post or link that’s worth viewing for other users, something the user themselves are keeping a close watch on, or indicate that something has grabbed their attention. Many social media users and content creators have also started to use the Eyes emoji to help their post jump off a user’s feed, by indicating importance or something unique or different worth clicking on. In some platforms, the eyes may be square, rounded, ovals, or come in a variety of eyeball colors to offer more personalized options that reflect a user’s own eye color.

Also called:

  • Creepy or Wide Eyes
  • Two Eyes
  • Side Eye

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Emoji variants by platform:

  • Apple
  • Copied
  • Google Noto Color Emoji
  • Copied
  • Samsung
  • Copied
  • Microsoft
  • Copied

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