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What is a JPG file?

A JPG is a popular compressed image format used for containing digital images. It is the most commonly used image format for digital cameras, various operating systems, apps, and the Internet in general. JPG images offer significant compression benefits, which means that file sizes can remain relatively small without losing significant details. This makes the sharing and storing of image files more convenient and quicker. However, some software and hardware offer better support for PNG files, which makes an online JPG to PNG converter a must.

What is a PNG file?

A PNG file is a file type used for image storage, especially among web designers and developers. It was originally developed as a more functional alternative to the GIF file type, which offered more limited color options and other formatting limitations. PNG files are preferred by many for both their broader color spectrum, as well as their compatibility with a number of modern browsers and hardware options and continue to be broadly used today. For web design, many people may convert JPG to PNG to help make more impressive web pages and web-based applications for viewers and users.

Convert JPG to PNG for Free and in High Quality

Picsart offers an easy-to-use JPG to PNG converter tool for you to transform your image file types in seconds. Simply upload JPG files into the tool, and the conversion will be handled automatically. After you convert JPG to PNG, you can preview your image files and upload additional files to convert as needed. The JPG to PNG converter is free, requires no registration, and converts your files quickly. Everything you need in a JPG to PNG converter without cost or stress.

How to Convert JPG to PNG


Select Your Image

Upload your JPG file by dragging and dropping or clicking Select File and uploading manually to get started with the JPG to PNG converter.


Convert Image

The tool will automatically convert JPG to PNG in just a few seconds.


Preview and Download

After you convert JPG to PNG, you can preview your image files and then download them with a click to save and share.

Why Should You Convert JPG to PNG?

There are several benefits to using a free online JPG to PNG converter tool:
  • PNG files offer lossless compression, which means that you don’t sacrifice any image quality even with a reduced file size.
  • PNG is better for detailed, high-contrast images, which is more important with more advanced smartphone cameras which are broadly in use today.
  • PNG is a better option when you are concerned about maximizing storage space, especially if you plan on taking and keeping large quantities of images.


Check our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to convert your images online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help - Get in touch

Do I need to pay or register to use the JPG to PNG converter?

No, the JPG to PNG converter is completely free and requires no sign-up or personal information.

Can I convert JPG to PNG in bulk?

Yes, you can upload multiple files or use the JPG to PNG converter tool as much as you’d like.

Do you have an API for this tool?

Yes, we do! Check out more info here.

Will my uploaded JPG to PNG files be stored?

The JPG to PNG converter only stores your files for a brief time before they are deleted, meaning no need to worry about the security of your files.