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What is an Instagram Hashtag and How Can They Grow Your Engagement?

Anyone who’s active on Instagram knows that Instagram hashtags are the glue that holds the platform together. You can easily create posts that trend along with popular topics, connect with new friends and followers with similar interests, and reflect your own personal aesthetic with well-chosen hashtags for your content. That’s where a free Instagram hashtag generator can make life easy. Instead of creating content that only your followers will see, an Instagram hashtag generator can generate catchy and fun Instagram hashtags for your post content that can help you grow engagement exponentially. By adding a few AI-generated hash tags to your content, you can see measurable growth in reach, impressions, and clicks that can help you grow partnerships with other influencers and advertisers. Whether you just want to connect with more people, or see real revenue from creating a bigger audience, a free Instagram hashtag generator can help you compete with other influencers and make sure your content occupies a premium position on every user’s feed.

How the Picsart Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Works

Picsart makes it easier than ever to create fun and viral Instagram hashtags without breaking a sweat. Simply add any keyword tied to your post content or a URL you plan to post and the AI-powered free Instagram hashtag generator will give you an assortment of relevant hashtag options to choose from. You can simply copy and paste Instagram hashtags you like with just a click or tap, and transform your post from simple content into something that can catch along with the latest trends or connect with interested audiences with ease. No matter how frequently you post, the Picsart Instagram Hashtag Generator makes it easy to personalize your content to reflect your aesthetic, while also growing your engagement through a variety of metrics to help your personal or professional brand.

How to Use the Picsart Instagram Hashtag Generator


Select your keyword

Copy and paste the keyword you want to create a unique hashtag for into the Instagram Hashtag Generator.


Browse options

In moments, the free Instagram Hashtag Generator will offer you an assortment of hashtag options connected to your keyword to choose from.


Copy and paste hashtags into Instagram

Choose the options you like best and copy and paste them into the Instagram app to stylize your post.


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