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Free AI Story Generator

Create captivating stories in various genres and word counts. Perfect for writers, content creators, and marketers.

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Unleash your creativity with captivating stories

Welcome to the world of limitless storytelling possibilities! Our Free AI Story Generator Tool is designed to empower both professional writers and aspiring authors, content creators, and marketing professionals. Whether you seek inspiration for your next novel or need engaging content for your marketing campaigns, our AI-powered tool has got you covered.

How to generate good stories

Describe the story + its style

Describe here what you want to include in the story (family roman of suburbia life) and what kind of style you like (romantic, happy, funny, etc.)

Choose the length

Short, medium, or long. Ensure you know where you will use it and if your audience will read a lengthy story.

Choose a creativity level

Are you going for a safer option with a low creativity grade, or do you want to be more playful and set the creativity to high?


  • What is an AI Story Generator?

    An AI Story Generator is a cutting-edge tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create compelling and original stories based on user inputs.
  • How does the AI Story Generator work?

    Our AI Story Generator employs advanced natural language processing algorithms to analyze user preferences and generate captivating stories accordingly.
  • Can the AI Story Generator generate stories in different genres?

    Yes! Our AI-powered tool supports a wide range of genres, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your storytelling needs.
  • Is AI-generated content copyrighted?

    If you use Picsart's suite of generative AI tools to create images, text, or videos, you, as the user, retain all intellectual property rights in the images produced by the AI. In this interaction, you grant Picsart limited licenses as clearly specified in the Generative AI Additional Terms of Use. You can view these by clicking here. Please note, however, that Picsart does not assure any user of their ability to claim copyright ownership for any of the AI-generated images, text, or videos. It is strongly advised that you seek legal consultation to better decipher and understand your intellectual property rights.
  • Is it completely free?

    Yes, our AI Story Generator and AI Writer suite is 100% free to use. Enjoy the benefits of boundless creativity without any cost barriers. Try it now!