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Add Text to Any Photo for Free

Easily add text to any photo online with Picsart. Customize your text and create the perfect photo caption in seconds.

Simply drag and drop an image or click 'Upload Image' to get started.

Add Text to Any Photo Easily to Personalize It

A well-written photo caption can make even the most basic image go viral on the modern web. However, it isn’t always easy to add text to photos if an app or website doesn’t offer tools for users that are free and simple. That’s where Picsart Quicktools comes in. Picsart makes it easy to add text to any photo online for free, with just a few clicks of your mouse. The Photo Caption tool lets you upload the image you want to edit, add text to the image, change the size and shape of the text, and edit the placement of the text all with ease. Create a photo caption that’s funny, informative, or poses a question. Whenever you need to add text to photos in moments, Picsart can help.

Add Text to Images for Any Purpose

There are plenty of occasions where creating photo captions when you add text to images can be handy:
  • Creating viral or shareable social media content by adding text to images you post on your channel or feed.
  • Generating informative photo captions to describe products or services on a business landing page.
  • Easily design flyers or posters to print out or share digitally by adding text to images to help them inform viewers and readers.
  • Commemorating photos in an online album by adding photo captions with a timestamp or description of the context of the photo.
You can upload photos of any size and of all major image file types (including JPG, PNG, HEIC

Add Text to Any Photo Easily to Personalize It

No matter what the purpose of your photo caption, Picsart offers a variety of fonts that can help you pick the perfect text style for your image. Choose from fonts that are elegant, fun, traditional, or creative to match the aesthetic you want to communicate. Adjust your font types and sizes easily in the photo caption tool. You have complete control over what the final product looks like when you add text to images with Picsart.

How To Add Text to a Picture


Upload Image

Start by dragging and dropping the image you wish to edit or clicking Select File to upload the image file manually and get started with adding text to your photo.


Choose font

Select from a variety of exclusive fonts of various styles to find the perfect text to add to your photo.


Customize text

Edit the text to create your desired photo caption, change the layout of the text on the image, resize the text, and more until your photo caption is right where you want it.


Download it

After you are finished adding text to the image and personalizing it the way you want, simply download your new image with your custom photo caption with a click to share or post.

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Please upload only JPG,PNG or HEIC files.