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😳 Flushed Emoji

Emoji meaning

    While many emojis are used to indicate positive or good feelings, one popular option for indicating embarrassment and other negative emotions is the Flushed emoji.

    People often copy and paste the Flushed emoji when they want to show they are anxious, embarrassed, surprised, disappointed, overwhelmed, sickened, and a variety of other negative reactions to a message or piece of content. Whenever you want to communicate your displeasure with yourself or with a message or post you are seeing, the Flushed emoji will be a common and handy choice.

    Also commonly known as the Flushed Face emoji, this emoji is often displayed as a face with a wide eyes, pink spots on the cheeks to indicate a face flush, and an open mouth or frown. While Flushed emoji and Flushed Face emoji are the most common names used in popular social media and communications apps, don’t be surprised to see variations known as the Embarrassed emoji, Ashamed emoji, Regret emoji, and others depending on the tool you are using.

Also called:

  • Blush Face
  • Embarrassed / Flattered Face
  • Shy Face

Copy and paste this emoji:


Emoji variants by platform:

  • Apple
  • Copied
  • Google Noto Color Emoji
  • Copied
  • Samsung
  • Copied
  • Microsoft
  • Copied

Note: An Emoji might change depending on what platform you paste it.