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☺ Smiley Face Symbols

Smiley face symbols can help you make your messages and social media content stand out from the rest of the pack. They aren’t just emojis. Choose a cool and creative smiley.

  • Ü
  • Ѷ
  • ϡ
  • ت
  • ё
  • ӓ
  • ӟ
  • ӛ
  • Ӛ
  • ӧ
  • ӱ
  • ӭ
  • ӵ
  • Ӫ
  • ӫ
  • ة
  • ټ

Plenty of Smileys Symbols to Fit Your Mood

People usually think of emojis when they think of smiley symbols, but symbols are universal, unique, and applicable in many situations with text messages and documents. Make friends laugh or brighten someone’s day, or simply show your followers and audience how you are feeling right now with a variety of smiley symbols that reflect any common emotion.

Copy and Paste a Smiley Face in Seconds To Liven Up Your Next Post

While the right smiley face symbol can be an easy way to show how happy, sad, or angry you are, smiley face symbols offer much more than that. Choose smiley face symbols incorporating Greek letters to create a personal style for your messages that your friends will love. Pick Hangul or Cyrillic smiley face symbols to design a personal and unique aesthetic for your content that makes someone want to click that like button. Or choose Katakana smiley face symbols for a goofier take on the traditional smiley face emoticon. The choices are yours.