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Color Palette from Image

Extract color palettes from any image in seconds with Picsart Quicktools.

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Identify Color Palette from Any Image in Seconds

Whether you are a graphic designer looking to create the perfect color combination, or simply came across an image with a color scheme you love, there are multiple reasons you may need to extract color palettes from images. Picsart offers a completely free and user-friendly color palette generator from images to identify the color scheme and use it as needed. Create beautiful images of your own, or learn color combinations that work for you or your app or website viewers and users. No matter why you need to receive the color palette from any picture, Picsart can help.

How to extract a color palette from an image


Upload image

Upload the image you wish to extract the color palette from, either by clicking Select File and uploading manually or dragging and dropping the image file.


Extract color palette from image

The tool will automatically generate the color palette for you in seconds, and you can add, change, or delete colors from the palette as needed.



After you are finished editing the palette from the image, simply export with a click to use it as you need.

Why this tool?


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