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Compress Image Online for Free

Easily compress your image online for free to make it easier to post, share, or send your JPG or PNG image files.

Drag and drop an image or click ‘Select Image’ to get started.

Compress Images at Optimum Quality

You may notice when browsing the web that different sites may feature jaw-dropping high-quality images, while others may include blurry or lower-quality offerings. This is where the ability to compress images online comes in handy. Image compression is a process wherein the bytes of an image file are minimized to reduce the overall file size, while not harming the actual quality of the image. If you don’t compress an image before posting it to an app or site, you may instead get a lower-quality version. Picsart can help you compress your photo or image in moments with just a few clicks to receive high-quality compressed images to fit any app, website, or software program.

Why compress images?

There are a variety of use cases for an online image compressor, where you might not realize that the quality of your photos can make a major difference on viewers:
  • For ensuring photos show up in their original quality on social media apps and feeds
  • For generating a high-quality headshot for LinkedIn , your digital resume, or other professional occasions.
  • To show clear photos of a home, car, or product that you are listing or selling in an online marketplace.
  • To give the best first impression of yourself on a dating app.
  • To showcase your portfolio or work in its best light.

How to Compress a Photo


Upload an image

Drag-and-drop or click the Select File button to manually upload an image file into the photo compressor tool.


Process image

The photo compressor will automatically compress your image in moments.


Download compressed image

Preview your new high-quality compressed image and then download with a click to share or upload as needed.

Why this tool?


Check our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to start compressing your jpegs and pngs online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help - Get in touch