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🔥 Fire Emoji

Emoji meaning

    In the group of most popular and commonly seen emojis in major social media and messaging platforms, the Fire emoji is right up there with the smiley face as one of the most frequently seen.

    Depicted as a typical flame with red and orange colors, the Fire emoji offers a surprising diversity of meanings for a variety of situations.

    In modern social media and messaging, the Fire emoji is often used to indicate that something is “hot” as in popular, but can also be used to indicate approval or liking something, trendiness, wittiness, fashionable qualities, and more. However, it can also be used for a negative connotation, such as something going up in flames such as plans or a big event that disappointed.

    In some applications, the Fire emoji is also known as the Flames emoji, Heat emoji, Campfire emoji, and other variations. While the shape of the Fire emoji is usually fairly standard, you’ll see versions with wood beneath, smoke rising from the top, different colors, and much more.

Also called:

  • Flame Emoji
  • Lit Emoji
  • Burn(ing) Emoji

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