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β™« Music Symbols

Music is a language all to itself, and music symbols can help you communicate the beauty of that language in your next text or post. Find eye-catching music symbols.

  • 𝄀
  • 𝄁
  • 𝄂
  • 𝄃
  • 𝄄
  • 𝄅
  • 𝄆
  • 𝄇
  • π„ˆ
  • 𝄐
  • 𝄑
  • 𝄒
  • π„ž
  • 𝄑
  • 𝄒
  • π„ͺ
  • 𝄫
  • 𝆒
  • 𝆓
  • 𝆦
  • 𝆧
  • 𝆨
  • 𝇇
  • π‡ˆ
  • 𝇉
  • π‡Š
  • 𝇋
  • π‡Œ
  • 𝇍
  • π‡Ž

Find the Right Music Symbols to Turn the Volume Up on Your Text

Hitting the right note in your messages is important when you want your recipients or audiences to truly understand you, and that’s where a broad library of music symbols can help. Whether you are a musician wanting to give your friends or followers a peak into your craft, or are writing music with a text generation app and need the right music symbols to help someone play the tune the right way, find the music symbols you need with Picsart.

Make Digital Music Writing Easy with Professional-Quality Music Symbols

Writing music that’s easy for others to read and use for their own practice and play can be complex, but the right music symbols can make it much easier. Add instructions for volume or play style with barline or repeat music symbols, or let your horn section know when to crescendo up or down. Add a breath mark or G clef to indicate timing or pitch, or let someone know when to repeat a section with repeat dots. Make songwriting a cinch with a robust music symbol library.