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Compress PDF Online for Free

Easily compress your PDF online to make sharing and file storage quicker and easier.

Simply drag and drop a file or click Select Files to start using the tool.

What is a PDF Compress and Why Might You Need It?

PDF files are among the most popular methods to share and save all sorts of files, from long text-heavy documents to presentations to proposals and more. However, bigger PDF files with lots of media components can lead to sizable PDF files that can eat up a device’s storage. That’s why a tool to reduce PDF size is essential, especially for individuals who use PDFs frequently every day for business and personal use. Picsart offers a compress PDF tool that is user-friendly, completely free, and able to reduce PDF file size in moments whenever you need it. Compress your PDF online, maximize your device storage, and do it all without any hassle or payment.

Intuitive PDF Compressor, Completely Free

Picsart makes it easy to reduce PDF size online without needing to download any software, install any components, or go through any annoying sign-up steps. Simply upload the PDF file you want to compress and the tool will automatically reduce PDF size for you. Then, preview and download your compressed PDF files to save or share as needed. It only takes a few seconds from start to finish, and you can compress PDF files as much as you need to. No payment, no stress, no strings attached.

How to Compress PDF Online


Select PDF Files

Drag-and-drop files into the PDF compressor tool or click Select Files to upload them manually from your device.


Compress PDF files

The PDF compressor tool will automatically reduce PDF file size for you in moments.


Preview and download PDF files

After PDF compression, you can preview your compressed PDF files and then download for easy saving and sharing.

Why this tool?


Check our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to start compressing PDFs online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help - Get in touch