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What is a Sentence Paraphraser?

A paraphrasing tool allows users to reword and rephrase sentences easily. A sentence changer makes it easy to adapt useful text segments for your own. Picsart offers a free online paraphrasing tool that lets you easily adjust chunks of text in moments to help speed up your content creation.

Why Use the Picsart Paraphrasing Tool?

Picsart offers a free paraphrasing tool that has everything you need in a sentence changer:
  • It’s completely free, and no registration or sign-up is required
  • Easy-to-use for anyone. Take the text you wish to change and choose what you’d like your paraphrased text to look like in terms of size and characters.
  • You receive a variety of suggested sentences to choose the adapted content that’s right for your needs.

How Can You Use a Paraphrase Tool?

There are plenty of occasions where an online paraphrasing tool can come in handy, such as:
  • For content creators looking to utilize their ideas from similar content articles for their own blogs or websites.
  • For SEO professionals looking to create keyword-rich content that stands out from their competitors.
  • For freelancers who are working with clients who want adapted versions of written content.

How to Use the Picsart Paraphrase Tool


Input Text

Input the text you wish to change into the free paraphrasing tool to get started.


Choose Sentence Changer Settings

Pick the size for your new text, such as paragraphs, character count, word count, etc.


All set!

After the paraphrasing tool has automatically converted your text, you are all set!