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What is a PPT File?

PPT is an acronym for Powerpoint, a file type created by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. Powerpoint files consist of a series of slides that can be edited to create slideshows, presentations, and proposals used for both professional and personal reasons. The slides can include text, images, video files, links to websites, and more, making them versatile for any purpose. However, for easier sharing and navigation, many people often choose to convert PPT to PDF to make it easier for recipients to view the content inside.

What is a PDF File?

The PDF (Portable Document Format) file format was created by Adobe as an optimal method for presenting and sharing documents that consist of text, images, media, and more. PDF files are among the most widely used file types in modern software and hardware today, and are used for everything from newsletters to contracts and more. While PPT files are associated with a specific software program, PDF files are broadly supported and used by a range of different programs and devices. This is one of the main reasons many people choose to convert PPT to PDF.

How to Convert PPT to PDF


Upload PPT File

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Convert File

The PPT to PDF converter will automatically transform your file into the new file type in seconds.


Download File

After you convert PPT to PDF, preview your converted file and then download with a click to use as needed.

Why Should You Convert PPT to PDF?

There are plenty of instances where using a PPT to PDF converter is a good idea, including:
  • When you want to send a slideshow or presentation from a conference or classroom session to attendees who may have been absent or want to review the material.
  • To easily post proposals, information presentations, portfolios, or classroom projects to websites or software programs without needing Microsoft Suite installed.
  • To ensure that anyone can view the content of your PPT file without needing to convert PPT to PDF to make sure the file is easily viewable.


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