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convert svg to png for free

Free SVG to PNG Converter

You can now easily convert your PNG to SVG with this online and free converter. Convert multiple PNGs at the same time. Give your PNG images a spin!

What is the SVG file format?

A Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) is a unique form of image file format. Unlike other image file types, SVGs don’t rely on unique pixels to comprise the images you see. Instead, they employ ‘vector’ data, which means users and viewers can get images that can scale up to any resolution, which comes in handy for web design. This also means that image files stored in SVG are more easily adaptable to a broader variety of browsers, software, and hardware, making websites more accessible for a bigger audience of users. SVG files are often used for storing logos, diagrams, animated elements, charts, and graphs for easier display on websites.

What is the PNG file format?

A PNG file is a widely popular image file format preferred by users of common editing programs and software. PNG is known as a lossless format, which is why you see it used to store and display photos you find all over the internet. Unlike JPEGs, saving the PNG format digital file doesn’t reduce its quality, meaning you get a great combination of maximizing space and easier sharing without sacrificing the image quality itself. This means PNG files offer a variety of benefits for web designers and users alike, including the ability to store or view high-quality images, easy accessibility with most common programs and browsers, and the ability to display a broader variety of image types than other competing file formats.

Why Should You Convert SVG to PNG?

While the SVG file format has some specific advantages, for higher-quality images, the PNG file format offers some distinct benefits of its own. For example, images with transparent backgrounds or high-resolution images will often be shown with less quality if stored with SVG, which means you should convert SVG to PNG to maintain your quality for better viewer and user experience. Similarly, since PNG is one of the most commonly used image file formats today, there are less issues with accessibility for web design purposes if you convert SVG to PNG.

How To Use SVG to PNG


Select SVG Files

Drag-and-drop or click Select File to upload the SVG files you wish to convert to get started with the SVG to PNG converter tool.


Convert SVG to PNG

The SVG to PNG converter will automatically convert SVG to PNG in moments.


Download Converted Files

After you convert SVG to PNG, simply download your newly converted files to use as needed.


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