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A word counter and character counter all in one spot, perfect for measuring your text length for any purpose.

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About the Picsart Word Counter

A word count tool is surprisingly important in a number of different jobs and cases. For students writing an essay, content writers meeting a minimum or maximum, SEO professionals looking to craft effective content, and others, being able to receive your character count online in moments is a life-saver. Picsart offers an online word count tool that lets you copy and paste any block of text in to receive your word count or character count in moments, letting you get on with your work in no time.

Word Counter Use Cases


When needing to hit a minimum or maximum when working on a project or writing or grading an essay.

SEO professionals

When they need to meet an editorial requirement for space on their website or publication.

Blog writers & Journalists

When needing to hit a minimum or maximum when working on a project or writing or grading an essay.

Social media influencers

Who are looking to craft the perfect message for their platform’s posting requirements.

How to count your words & characters


Paste or type your content

Simply copy and paste your chunk of text or write out your desired content into the word count tool.


Check the count

The word and character counters will give you the results to the right of your entered text.


Adjust and copy

Make edits to your text to meet your desired word or character count as needed, and then copy the text to a document, application, or platform as needed.

Why use this tool?


Browse our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need with our word counting tool. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help. Get in touch

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