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Easily Crop an Image Online with Picsart

When you take a perfect photo, you naturally want to share it with your friends, family, and followers for them to enjoy along with you. However, many social media platforms have different image size and resolution requirements that can be frustrating when you just want to get your content out there, or simply want to send an image to someone else. That’s where the Picsart crop image tool can make things simple. You can upload any JPG or PNG image file in seconds, adjust the height and width to match your personal preference or the requirements of any website or platform, zoom in and out to preview after you crop your photo, and then download your resized image with a click. Crop any photo online in seconds and share it with whomever you’d like, without paying a cent.

Crop Image to Keep Your Social Content Fresh

Whether you are an established influencer or just someone who likes to connect with your friends and family on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or more, the ability to crop an image online can save you time and hassle. Use the crop image tool to transform any image, taken with any device, into a sharing-friendly format that can fit the requirements of any preferred social media platform. You can use the crop tool to create:
  • The perfect profile picture or professional headshot for LinkedIn
  • Images for posts that will look great on either a desktop or mobile device
  • Resize the same image to post perfectly on your various social media pages
  • Make it easy for any follower to enjoy your image no matter what device or browser they may be using to access your feed or page

Easily Crop an Image Online While Maintaining the Highest Quality

Not only does Picsart make it easier than ever to crop an image, but the crop tool also allows you to adjust resolution and preview your image to ensure that no image quality is lost. You can easily change the parameters and height and width of your image to preview the new image file before downloading, to make sure that your image looks perfect for your website, social media page, or just to download and print for your personal photo album. No need to worry about blurring or off-centering your image when you crop your photo online with Picsart.

How to Crop a Picture


Upload Image

Start by uploading your JPG or PNG image file to get started with the Picsart crop image tool.


Adjust Settings

Drop the cropping frame to focus on the part of the image you want to maintain and center, and adjust the height and width manually to get the perfect photo crop.



Use the zoom tool to see how your image will look after you use the crop image tool.



After you crop an image to your liking or specs, simply download with a click to save, share, or send in seconds.

Why this tool?


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