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Design a Profile Picture Easily and Cost-Free

A stunning profile picture can help anyone’s account page or channel stand out from the pack. But it’s not just about taking the perfect selfie or headshot. The Picsart Profile Picture Maker offers editing and background tools that can let you customize your profile picture to be uniquely yours, reflecting your aesthetic and presenting you in your best light. Choose sizes that fit any popular platform and edit the layout as needed, and wow your followers and anyone that visits your page.

Create a Profile Picture for Any Occasion

While you probably associate profile pictures with social media, there’s plenty more uses you may not be considering. Whether you host your own blog, have an avatar, use a networking site, a messaging app, or even dabble in the metaverse, you’ll want to design a profile picture that represents who you are and gives the best possible first impression. Picsart offers a free profile picture maker that lets you create high-quality profile pictures for any platform or purpose.

How to Create a Profile Picture


Upload your image

Start by choosing a selfie or professional headshot to drag-and-drop or upload into the profile picture maker. You can also experiment with one of our examples to get started.


Choose your format

Select from the most popular web applications and social media sites to create a profile picture that’s sized perfectly for your favorite application.


Download it

Once you choose your size, simply download it with a click to post to your social media platform or web application in seconds.

Why Use the Picsart Profile Picture Maker?


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