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Free video script generator: Create custom scripts instantly

Transform your content and captivate your audience with compelling video scripts — effortlessly crafted by Picsart’s AI video script generator, perfected by you.

  • 100% free to use
  • Customizable outputs
  • Instant AI video scripts
  • High-quality results

Discover fresh ideas with a free video script generator

It’s time to say goodbye to endless brainstorming. With an AI-powered video script generator, compelling video scripts are just a few clicks away. Picsart’s cutting-edge AI understands your needs and generates pro-grade scripts tailored to your preferences, so you can enjoy quality content without the hassle. All you have to do is input your preferences and let the magic happen.

An AI video script generator for every kind of video

Instead of spending hours staring at a blank page, you can create AI-generated video scripts in minutes for all of your content creation needs. Picsart’s YouTube video script generator doesn't just string words together; it understands the essence of your message and the type of video you’re creating. Free up your time and focus on bringing your vision to life while connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Effortlessly generate educational AI-generated video scripts

Picsart’s free video script generator is your go-to tool for crafting informative and educational videos for personal and professional use. Whether you're an educator, a business professional, or a content creator, Picsart’s AI-powered tool is designed to help you deliver key information quickly and effortlessly. From educational tutorials to marketing videos, you’ll save time and effort with an impactful message that reaches your audience.

Create AI-generated video scripts for any use


Picsart’s YouTube video script generator creates high-quality scripts in minutes, freeing up more time for creativity and production.


Advanced AI algorithms analyze your input and generate scripts that present your information in an engaging and educational way.


Create fun personal video scripts with a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly — no technical expertise needed.


Easily generate video scripts for different styles and industries, ensuring your videos stand out from the crowd.

How to use the AI video script generator

Describe your video

Enter a detailed description of your video and any information you’d like to include in the script. By adding specific details and the type of video, you’ll generate more personalized results.

Choose the length, style, and complexity

Use the dropdown menus to choose between different video lengths. Then, select the video style and complexity to generate a high-quality video script tailored to your specifications.

Generate the video script

Use the Generate button to generate your new video script. Picsart’s AI-powered video script generator is free, so you can do adjustments to your settings as needed.

Customize your script

Need to make any tweaks? Picsart’s tool allows for easy editing and customization, ensuring your script aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Video script generator FAQs

  • What is an AI video script generator?

    An AI-powered video script generator uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically create content specifically tailored for video production. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data, understand context, and generate scripts that can be used for different videos.
  • Is Picsart’s video script generator 100% free?

    Yes, Picsart’s tool is free to use without any payment or registration.
  • What’s the difference between AI-generated and traditional video scripts?

    AI-generated video scripts are created using artificial intelligence algorithms that analyze input data, such as the desired tone, purpose, key points, and target audience. AI then generates scripts based on your input. <br /> Meanwhile, traditional scripts are typically crafted by human writers. They involve manual brainstorming, outlining, and writing, relying on the writer's creativity and experience.
  • Does the tool support both personal and professional videos?

    Yes, Picsart’s free video script generator supports all types of videos, including both personal and professional videos.