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🤗 Hug Emoji

Emoji meaning

    One of the most recognizable and universally positive emojis in the entire emoji library, the Hug emoji is used by people around the world to indicate support and love for friends, family, and more.

    Characterized by a smiling face with two hands in front of it reaching out as if for a hug, the Hug emoticon can be used to show support for someone going through a hard time, solidarity, unity, friendship, caring, support for a cause or organization, and much more.

    The Hug emoji is also known in specific social media and communications apps as the Hugging emoji, Hugging Face emoji, Hug Face emoji, and Happy Hug emoji, with some apps offering even more specific options. Variations of the Hug emoji include various colors and shades, different-sized hands, different smile types, and other small differences. No matter what platform you use, you will find some form of the Hug emoji for any of these purposes.

Also called:

  • Hugging Face
  • Hug Emoji
  • Cuddle Emoji

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Emoji variants by platform:

  • Apple
  • Copied
  • Google Noto Color Emoji
  • Copied
  • Samsung
  • Copied
  • Microsoft
  • Copied

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