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Easily rotate an image to frame your favorite snapshot for social media or sharing with friends.

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Rotate Any Image for Free in Seconds with Picsart

Sometimes in a busy moment, you might take a photo you love that would look better with a new orientation. Or, your smartphone or digital camera may save an image with the wrong angle, and you simply need to rotate a photo to get the perfect snapshot. Picsart makes it easy to rotate your image online for free with just a few clicks. A tool to rotate images can help you change the orientation of your image 90 degrees in either direction with a click, to frame it the way you want. Simply upload the image file with a click or by dragging and dropping, click either orientation button to rotate your image left or right, or choose a custom rotation by entering the angle degree you prefer. It’s simple, easy, and always free.

Get Creative with Photo Editing with the Rotate Image Tool

Beyond simply rotating a picture that was saved improperly, the Picsart rotate image tool is a great option to flex your creative muscles:
  • Rotate a landscape shot to give your fellow travelers a new perspective on a favorite destination you visited together.
  • Rotate an image to add a new or eye-catching angle that can jump off your followers’ feeds on your favorite social platform.
  • Create an attention-grabbing photo for your brand’s website or social media page to match a fun or whimsical aesthetic you want to establish.

How to Rotate Image


Upload Image

Start by uploading your image file with a click or by dragging and dropping to get started with the rotate image tool.


Choose Orientation

Click to rotate your image left or right by 90 degrees, or enter a custom degree angle for a more artistic or unique perspective.


Download Your Image

After you rotate any image, simply click to download your new file and post or share in moments.

Why this tool?


Check our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to start rotating your image. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help - Get in touch