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Free Image Caption Generator

Take your grid to the next level with our easy to use caption generator. Show off your creativity with style in just a few clicks using the coolest AI tech.

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How to generate AI Instagram captions

Describe your image

Give a brief description of your image. Remember to keep it short so that the AI can do the work and create a great longer caption for you.

Pick a tone & CTA

If you want to direct users to your website, online store etc add in this call to action. Also choose from a selection of fun tones of voice which match your own.

Generate, copy, & post

Let the AI do the hard work of thinking of a witty or funny or adventurous caption. Rephrase any result if you need to. Then copy & paste to enhance your grid.


  • What is a caption generator?

    A caption generator takes a brief description of your image, which you type, and converts it into a longer form caption with eye catching sentences and words. Sometimes this might also include hashtags, but if not a tool like this Hashtag Generator can help.
  • How can a caption generator help me be more creative?

    The power of generative AI is deeply embedded into this caption generator for instagram. This means that you can create endless ideas and variants which can be the starting or ending point for your caption creation journey.
  • Can this tool be used for more than just instagram?

    Of course! This caption generator can be used for any where you need to caption your image. Try it on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or TikTok.
  • How can I customise the captions for my post?

    The Quicktools instagram caption generator has been built to meet your needs as a creator. Simply tell the tool what your post is about, in just a few words, and pick a tone which resonates best with you/your brand. Then the AI gets to work building an exciting and engaging caption customised for your needs.
  • Do I need to enter lots of details to get a good caption?

    Quite the opposite; the shorter and more concise your description the better the quality of the output from the tool. Try to describe the main things going on in your image, and let the tech do the rest.
  • What is the ideal length of an instagram caption?

    Instagram allows up to 2000 characters and 30 hashtags in a post, but most would agree this is way too much content for a user to consume as they scroll through their feed or someones profile. To get the best possible engagement around 150 characters, 40-75 words, is suggested as optimal. This keeps as much of the text as possible above the ‘see more’ button and shows off who you are, what the image is about and inspires action in as short a space as possible. The Quicktoools instagram caption maker is optimized to provide captions of an optimal length of 150 characters, but as it is a truly generative AI tool it may product some captions which are a little longer or shorter than this too.
  • How else can I level up my instagram game?

    First things first; your profile. Take a selfie and transform it into the optimum display image with the profile picture maker. Then Quicktools can help you generate a new social media bio and customise it with amazing fonts and styles. From here, liven up your posts with awesome symbols and emoji’s. Finally, engage even more users with interesting and related hashtags.
  • Is this tool completely free?

    Yes! The Quicktools caption generator is completely free to use, and can generate an unlimited number of captions for your images.