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Star Emoji

Emoji meaning

    The Star emoji offers a modern take of the traditional “gold star” people often associate with elementary school assignments done well. The Star emoticon design reflects the widely known five-pointed star, as opposed to other variations like the Star of David.

    When people copy and paste the Star emoji, they use it to represent something that dazzles or impresses, or as recognition for an impressive achievement or great contribution to a discussion.

    Officially a part of the emoji library as the Star emoji, it can also be used to represent the night sky, fame, wealth, stardom, celebrity, notoriety, and much more. There are additional variations featured in popular social media platforms and messaging apps with different star meanings, including the Glowing Star (which represents brightness and illumination), the Sparkles emoji (which stands for beauty and positivity), and other platform-specific options like the Facebook Star emoji, the Google Star emoticon, the Twitter Star emoji, and many more.

Also called:

  • Golden Star
  • White or Yellow Star
  • Stars

Copy and paste this emoji:


Emoji variants by platform:

  • Apple
  • Copied
  • Google Noto Color Emoji
  • Copied
  • Samsung
  • Copied
  • Microsoft
  • Copied

Note: An Emoji might change depending on what platform you paste it.