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Picsart’s online HEIC to JPG converter is the easiest and fastest way to convert your HEIC file to a JPG online for free. Give your HEIC files a spin!

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Why Picsart HEIC to JPG Converter

What is a HEIC file?

An HEIC file has been the standard image format for Apple users since the 2017 release of iOS11 and macOS High Sierra. HEIC stands for high efficiency image container, and is a format that saves images in superior quality compared to JPG while also using less space. However, for users looking to send images to others with non-Apple devices (such as Android tablets), you may need to convert HEIC to JPG to ensure the end user gets the same quality when viewing the image.

What is a JPG file?

JPG is a broadly-used compressed image format specific for digital images. It is the most commonly employed image format used in digital cameras, a variety of operating systems, and on the Internet broadly. JPG images combine a high compression rate with space-saving formatting, which results in smaller file size, making sharing and storing of images easier. Since JPG is the most broadly utilized format, being able to convert HEIC to JPG can make sharing images easier and more user-friendly.

How To Convert HEIC to JPG


Select HEIC File

Drag & drop your file or click ‘Select HEIC File’ to get started in our free Heic to Jpg converter.


Process file

This step is done automatically by the converter, as your file is converted from HEIC to JPG in moments.


Download your high-quality JPG

Preview or delete your newly converted JPG file, or simply download it if meets your specifications.

Picsart Makes Converting HEIC to JPG Easy and Quick

No matter what your purpose, you can use the Picsart HEIC to JPG Converter to transform any HEIC file in moments to make sharing and sending simple. Start by selecting your HEIC file with the purple button, or simply dragging and dropping it into the Converter tool. The file will automatically be processed into JPG format, and then you can preview your converted file and download it to share in seconds. It’s that easy.

Why Might You Need a HEIC to JPG Converter?

There are multiple reasons you may need to convert HEIC to JPG:

  • If you know the person you are sharing a file with is using an Android device, or just an older computer or tablet that may not be able to process HEIC files.
  • If you are posting an image to a business page, and want to be sure all new and returning customers can view it correctly.
  • If you want to share an image on your social media channel, and be sure that all of your followers can see it and share it easily.
  • If you need to print the image using a non-Apple device, such as a school printer.


Browse our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to start converting HEIC files to JPGs. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help. Get in touch