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★ Star Symbols

Choose from a dazzling array of star symbols to highlight your messages and posts. Add star symbols to any message for various purposes with just one click.

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Stars Symbols to Make Your Messages Sparkle

Stars are one of the most common symbols in any culture, used to symbolize the heavens, excitement, achievements, and much more. The library of star text symbols is seemingly as broad as the heavens, with traditional religious stars symbols, asterisks, multicolored variants, and more. Whether you want to show a message’s importance, highlight a key phrase, or simply represent an achievement or recognition in emoticon form, there’s a star symbol for any purpose.

Find a Star Symbol for Every Occasion

Looking to indicate that a particular post or message is extra worthy of attention? Consider a small asterisk or flower punctuation mark star symbol. Want to help your post or message jump off the screen as someone is scrolling through their feed? Try a pinwheel star or pointed black star to grab their eye. Want to add a visual flourish to a post commemorating a religious holiday? That’s where the Star of David star symbol might come in handy. Picsart offers a variety of star text symbols to help you communicate exactly what you mean to.