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❤️ Red Heart Emoji

Emoji meaning

    There may be no more recognizable symbol than the Red Heart emoji, or Love emoji. The universal symbol for love and caring, the Red Heart emoji reflects a design that was used in illustrations and messages long before the modern world of social media and messaging apps.

    Taking the form of a simple red heart (a simplified version of the heart beating inside anyone’s chest), many associate the Red Heart Emoji with Valentine’s Day, wedding stationary, love letters, and more.

    In addition to traditional Red Heart emoji meanings like love or romance, people often copy and paste the Red Heart emoji to indicate admiration for accomplishments, close friendship, approval of a message or image, and a variety of other positive reactions to messages or posts. While there are other Heart emojis and Love emojis in use in most major communications apps, the Red Heart emoji appears in every major platform, such as Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Also called:

  • Love Heart
  • Heart Emoji
  • Love Emoji

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Emoji variants by platform:

  • Apple
  • Copied
  • Google Noto Color Emoji
  • Copied
  • Samsung
  • Copied
  • Microsoft
  • Copied

Note: An Emoji might change depending on what platform you paste it.