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Why the Picsart WEBM to MP4 Converter

What is a WEBM file?

A WEBM file is a video file saved using the WebM format, an open-sourced, royalty-free format designed specifically for sharing videos on the Internet. WebM employs a container structure similar to the Matroska (MKV) video format, as both file types store audio and video data. Video elements are compressed using a VP8 or VP9 codec, and audio is compressed with either the Vorbis or Opus audio codec. WEBM is supported by the major web browsers, making it a convenient way to store and share any video file easily.

What is an MP4 file?

A file labeled with the .mp4 file extension is a MPEG-4 video file format, which is the successor to the widely popular MP3 file. MP4s are one of the more common video file formats used for downloading and streaming videos from the internet and were designed to offer more versatility than MP3s, which were exclusively audio format files. In comparison, MP4 files can store audio, subtitles, and still images, making them a better option for sharing multimedia files for tablets, smartphones, and computers in the modern web environment.

How to Convert WEBM to MP4


Select WEBM Video file

Start by dragging and dropping or uploading the WEBM file you want to get started with our WEBM to MP4 converter.


Automatic Conversion

Our WEBM to MP4 converter tool will automatically transform your file to the new format in moments.


Preview and Download

Preview your converted WEBM to MP4 file, and then download it with a click to share or post wherever you need to.

Convert WEBM to MP4 in Seconds

Picsart makes it simple for anyone to convert WEBM to MP4 in seconds with our WEBM to MP4 converter tool. Simply drag-and-drop or choose a WEBM file from your computer, wait for it to automatically convert and provide a preview for you to review, and then download your converted file with a click. No need for previous digital media experience, and no long wait for you to convert any WEBM to MP4 for any purpose.

Why Should You Convert WEBM to MP4?

While the WEBM file format is royalty-free, the MP4 format offers some distinct advantages for users. Not only does the MP4 format preserve higher original video quality due to its structure, it is also much more universally supported by modern web browsers, software, and hardware. This makes it a great choice for converting videos that you want to make easily accessible to a wide audience, regardless of what device or browser they may be using.


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