Crop videos in a few clicks

Use our free video cropper to cut your video or MP4 files & fit any format. Simply upload your file, adjust the size for video cropping & download your result.

Drag and drop a video file or click on ‘Select a video’ to get started.

How To Crop a Video


Select a video

Drag & drop or choose from your Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android or click ‘Select a video’ to get started in our free online video crop tool.


Crop the video

Select the desired area and crop the video to adjust to a custom size or fit to social media platform sizes like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.



After just one click your video crop is done and you can download the result.

Why this tool?


Check our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to crop videos. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help - Get in touch