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Crop Videos in Seconds

A free online video cropper to reduce the size or resolution of your video file for easier sharing and access for viewers.

Drag and drop a video file or click on ‘Select a video’ to get started.

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Crop Video for Any Purpose

  • Create social media posts from any device without needing to worry about long loading times or viewer access issues.
  • Edit your videos to better fit your personal or professional website or app.
  • Reduce your YouTube upload times with the free online video cropper.
  • Maximize your storage space by reducing resolution or video size without losing the original quality.

How to Crop a Video for Free


Choose Your Video

Drag-and-drop or click Select File to choose the file to begin video cropping.


Crop Video Online

With just a few clicks, select the desired area to start video cropping with the tool and easily fit your size goals or fit specs for popular social media sites or YouTube.


Preview and Download

Once the free online video cropper is finished tailoring your file, preview and download your reduced file to save, share, or post with a click.

Completely Free Online Video Cropper

Video cropping is an important process for reducing the size of video files to make them easier to share or post to websites or apps. Picsart offers an easy-to-use tool to crop video online, and to reduce the resolution or size of any video to make storage, posting, and sharing that much quicker for any purpose. The free online video cropper requires no payment or registration to use, and you can use it for as many video files as needed. Crop your video online while maintaining the original video quality, and with just a few clicks.


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