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Convert PNG to SVG Online for Free

Quickly convert PNG to SVG files to make your web design, presentations, and content creation easier.

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What is a PNG file?

The PNG file format is one of the most commonly used media file types for web design today. It is preferred by web designers to display high-quality image files on the front-end of a website, and offers a variety of benefits including lossless compression, as well as a broader and more robust spectrum of color options. Since PNG files offer a great combination of high quality image display, as well as reduced file sizes for that quality, they reduce loading times for website viewers and are also easier to post, share, or save with less required space than other competing image file types.

What is a SVG File?

The SVG file format is most commonly used for displaying two-dimensional elements like charts, graphics, and illustrations on websites. SVG is a vector file type, which thanks to its structural elements not only offers easy scaling, but is also easier for search engines like Google to read and process, making for faster website loading times. This makes SVG files particularly popular to store images like website icons and logos, illustrations, and images that need to be easily translated into text for accessibility concerns. SVG files are also often smaller than other image file types, making them easier to share and save than other options.

Why Convert PNG to SVG?

While the PNG file format offers some distinct advantages over the SVG file type, there are some specific use cases where you should convert PNG to SVG:
  • To make visual elements on a website easier to convert to text for website reader software, which helps promote website accessibility.
  • The scaling of SVG files offers a distinct advantage for specific image types.
  • For image files where quality is not as much of a concern, you can convert PNG to SVG to lower image loading times or maximize storage space with smaller files.
  • SVG files can often be scanned and read by search engines more quickly than PNG files, meaning you can convert PNG to SVG to improve search engine placement.

How To Convert PNG to SVG


Upload PNG File

Select the file you wish to convert PNG to SVG by dragging and dropping it into the tool, or clicking Select File to choose it manually.


Convert PNG to SVG Automatically

The tool will automatically convert PNG to SVG in moments.


Download Your SVG File

After you convert PNG to SVG, simply download your new SVG file to use as needed.

Why this tool?


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