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Free Word to PDF Converter

A free online Word to PDF converter that lets you transform your documents in moments.

Drag and drop a Word file or click ‘Select Files’ to get started.

Why use this tool?

Benefits of Converting Word to PDF

Microsoft Word documents are one of the most common file types for text documents in global use. For school assignments, essays, blog drafts, website content, speech drafts, letters, recipes, and much more, Word documents offer an easy way to create digital versions of any text. However, many websites and apps require PDF format for uploading or sharing these types of documents, and that’s where an online Word to PDF converter comes in handy. With Picsart, you can convert any Word file to PDF online for free by uploading, clicking, and receiving your fully converted file quickly. No complicated steps needed.

Super Fast Word to PDF Converter

Picsart Quicktools makes it fast and simple to convert Word to PDF free in seconds. Simply upload your Word document by dragging and dropping or clicking the button to upload from your device and the Word to PDF converter will do the rest automatically. You’ll receive a new PDF version of your Word document to preview and download, letting you send or share your PDF files in moments. Convert any Word to PDF that you need, completely free, and with just a click. It’s that simple.

How to Convert Word to PDF


Select Your Word Files

Drag and drop the Word files you want to convert to PDF or click the Select Files button to upload your Word documents manually.



The Word to PDF converter will automatically transfer your file to the PDF file type.


Download Your PDFs

When finished, simply download your high-quality PDFs to send or share as needed, and start the process over to convert Word to PDF again.


Check our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to start converting word to pdf online. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to help - Get in touch