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Free AI Translator

This is the best free solution for translating text into any language in seconds. Check it out yourself!

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Free translations for everyone. Anywhere.

An AI translator is like your personal language ninja, slicing through communication barriers whether you're in business meetings, reading foreign articles, or just curious about what a word means in another language.

Just copy and paste the text into this AI translator, and within seconds, you have the translated version. 🚀

So, how does this digital interpreter work its magic? It scans the text, breaks down the grammar and vocabulary of the original language, and then reconstructs it in your preferred language, all faster than you can say, "Translation, please!" It's like a linguistic Swiss Army knife, versatile and handy for all situations.

Translations are needed everywhere...

Travelling & tourism 🌍

We all like to speak a few words in the local language when we travel. It gives smiles, shows respect, and can help you in certain situations.

Content localization

Localization can be hard to manage, especially when many languages are involved. We make that process a lot easier. Check it for yourself 😉

Multilingual customer support

For many companies, customers are spread globally with a preference to speak their language. However, your customer support has to adapt to this 🤷

Language learning & education

AI translators can be the solution when you quickly need to translate something. This is how you learn - In the moment.

And all the other use cases...

According to worlddata.info there are more than 6.500 languages worldwide . Just imagine the amount of use cases...

How to translate any text with AI

The language of the text

We have a cool feature that detects the language, so you don't have to pick one. Pick one from the list if you want to be sure it takes the right language.

Your desired language 💜

You can choose the language you want your text to be translated in. Choose Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Your to-be-translated text

Input your text by pasting or writing it in the text box. You can edit it, add more, or, when ready, translate it to your preferred language. And voila, there you go, your translated text.


  • What is an AI translator?

    An AI translator translates text into a preferred language using AI (mostly GPT technologies). It often supports language detection and multiple languages. The response times are quick.
  • What languages are supported by AI translators?

    This depends on the AI translator and technology used, but this AI translator supports language detection and the 16 most-used languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Malaysian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.
  • Can an AI translator handle both long and short text translations?

    Yes. For longer text translations, the response time of AI can be a bit longer than usual, but generally it takes a couple of seconds to translate any kind of text.
  • Is it completely free?

    Yes, like all of our AI writing tools, this AI translator tool is also free. Translate to almost any language, unlimitedly.