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Easily Remove Image Backgrounds for Free

An online image background remover that makes it easy to make any background transparent with just a few clicks.

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Create a Transparent Background in Seconds

Stuck with a great profile photo, group shot, or memorable moment, but a lackluster background? While you can’t always control every element when a photo is taken, Picsart offers a Background Remover tool that can now let you transform those almost perfect moments into ideal images in minutes.

By simply uploading an image, letting the Picsart AI recognize and remove the image background, and then choosing a new background that better fits the shot, you can transform any image and perfect it in minutes with just a few clicks.

Use Cases

Create transparent backgrounds instantly to customize images and create stunning designs that can highlight and feature your unique brand or aesthetic.

How to Remove Background from a Picture



Choose any image you want to remove the background from. Click upload to select the file from your device or drag-and-drop into the tool.



The AI-powered tool will automatically detect the edges of the image and create a transparent background during processing.



Further refine your image after processing by using the customizable digital brush to replace or remove unwanted elements.



Choose a unique background from the Picsart library to create an eye-catching new version of your image, as well as add shadows or borders.



Once you finish editing your image, simply click to download a high-resolution file of your image to share or print in moments.

Why use this tool?


Browse our most frequently asked questions and get the help you need to remove backgrounds from your images. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re happy to help. Get in touch