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100% free AI Writer - Quickly generate text

Picsart's AI Writer takes the pain out of writing text for social media, websites, documents, ads, and other online activities. We want everyone to create text with AI, so we made it free and easy to use! 🙌

Generate an example text with AI:

All AI Writer tools

Find your specific AI text tool, like generating a cool Instagram caption, a new Social Media Bio, or a fun story.

Article Writer


Use this tool to write the articles for you. Customize the input as much as you want to create high-quality SEO content.



We expand text. Do you have a short text and want to add more details? Expand now!

Title Generator


Without a catchy title, you won't catch the attention. Let this tool generate the titles for you. They are often better.

Idea Generator


This idea generator creates the ideas for you - No matter the topic. Give it a try!

Keyword Generator


Keywords can help you get started with landing pages, blog posts, and whole websites.

Grammar Checker


Quickly check your text's grammar to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

(Video) Script Generator


Level up your (video) creations with generated scripts that guide you through the creation process.



Simply, we shorten text. Do you have a long text and want to capture the essence? Give it a try!

Story Generator


A story can sell, explain, or visualize a thought or concept. Let us help you tell a good one!

Ad Copy

Generate personalized digital ads with enterprise-grade marketing copy for any kind of business.

Social Media Bio

Create a unique and customized social media bio for all major social media platforms in minutes for personal or professional needs.


Easily and quickly rephrase copy into unique content for academic, SEO, marketing, and other uses.

Slogan Generator

Create a memorable and catchy slogan for your brand or business in seconds that will help users remember you easily.

Business Name Ideas

Find great names for your new buiness ventures with this simple tool; describe your business and have results in moments.

Hashtag Generator

Find the best hashtags for your new post which can generate additional clicks and views.

Product Descriptions

Create the perfect description for your products to attract and intrigue your customers to click and buy.

Image Caption Generator

Every good Instagram post needs a catchy caption to increase engagement on your post and profile.

Outline Generator

Landing page outlines improve the page structure and readability, increasing conversions.

Prompt Generator


Prompt writing is hard, so let us help you generate the perfect prompt for your next idea or project.

Paragraph Generator


Writing paragraphs takes time. This generator lets you quickly create paragraphs for landing pages, articles, social posts, etc.

Meta Description Generator

Nowadays, AI generates better meta data copy than most people, so what are you waiting for?


A true lifesaver. Save time and quickly summarize articles, social posts, essays, documents, or websites.



Easily translate your text to the most popular languages online. Swap, rephrase, and copy your translated text.

Essay Writer


Essays are tough, so we would like to help. Not to replace, but to make better quality content.

Email Writer

Lots of people spend hours per day sending emails. It's time to become more productive and send more emails faster.

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  • What is an AI Writer and what does it do?

    An AI Writer consists of single or multiple tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that generate or edit text for you (Writer). The text is often used for content on social media, websites, blogs, landing pages, advertisements, and much more. Quicktools by Picsart offers a variety of AI writer tools, including text tools that generate social media bios, slogans, ad copy, and more. There is no need to create all your content entirely from scratch when an AI text generator can support or do the work for you at a fraction of the time and cost.
  • Benefits of using AI tools for writing

    People use AI text generators for many different things - professionally or personally- because of many benefits.Before, people used to take hours, days, or weeks to create content; AI can reduce this to minutes or even seconds. The magic sits in providing the right prompt and input values like tone-of-voice and character limit to get the right result. After that, you can rephrase or edit the text to copy the result and paste it into another platform, document, or message.AI Writer Tools make everyone a high-quality writer. You can write for blogs, websites, social media, documents, etc. Therefore, you don't have to hire a specialist like a copywriter to write content.

Write AI text for these use cases

SEO content
Email marketing
Social media
Legal & Technical

The process of creating SEO content is significantly reduced by AI. You can now easily create SEO briefs that result into draft outlines, and written content for landing pages and blog articles.

How to get the best results from AI tools

  • Become a Prompt Master

    AI is all about writing a prompt that gets you what you want. It is best to use more than fewer words. Use descriptive words and give restrictions or limitations to fine-tune your result.

  • Make Optional Required

    AI Tools give you optional fields to generate a result quicker, but if you want better results, we suggest treating the optional fields as important as the required fields.

  • Rephrase it!

    Nobody is perfect. If your results are in the right direction, but it needs fine-tuning - rephrase. Most AI tools allow you to rephrase after generating a result.

  • Human touch.

    AI is useful in many different scenarios but is mainly there to help you. Feel free to adjust the results to add that human touch and beat your competition.


  • What is an AI writer?

    An AI writer is a software or program that uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate written content. It leverages algorithms and language models to mimic human writing styles and produce text that appears to be written by a person. AI writers are valuable tools for businesses and individuals seeking to streamline content creation and generate large volumes of text efficiently.
  • How does an AI writer work?

    An AI writer operates by employing advanced algorithms and language models. It analyzes vast amounts of data to understand language patterns, styles, and structures. Using this knowledge, the AI writer generates text by predicting and assembling words and phrases to create coherent and contextually appropriate content, closely resembling human-written text.
  • How are AI writers impacting the writing industry?

    AI writers have had a significant impact on the writing industry. They have revolutionized content creation by enabling businesses and individuals to generate large volumes of text quickly and efficiently. While they can automate certain aspects of writing, such as generating product descriptions or blog posts, human writers still play a vital role in providing creativity, expertise, and a personalized touch that AI writers cannot fully replicate.
  • How can businesses and writers benefit from AI writers?

    Businesses and writers can benefit from AI writers in several ways. Firstly, AI writers can automate content creation, allowing businesses to generate large volumes of text quickly and efficiently. This saves time and resources, freeing up writers to focus on more strategic and creative tasks. Additionally, AI writers can provide inspiration and help with generating ideas, serving as a useful tool for writers to overcome writer's block and enhance their productivity.
  • Can an AI text generator produce unique content?

    An AI text generator has the capability to produce unique content by leveraging its language models and algorithms to generate text that may not exist elsewhere. However, the uniqueness and originality of the content can vary depending on the data and training the AI model has received. While an AI text generator can assist in content creation, it's essential for human writers to review and refine the generated content to ensure its uniqueness and alignment with specific requirements.
  • What is the best AI text generator?

    Most AI text generators use similar technologies, so people look for a good user experience, free tooling, and possibilities. Quicktools by Picsart receives positive feedback due to its free tooling, no sign-up required, and many AI tools.